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Janken Rules

Paper - Rock - Scissors

Paper beats Rock. Rock beats Scissors. Scissors beats Paper.


1.) Locate your player in the list of players and click the HAND icon to select Paper, Rock, or Scissors. 2.) Click the SWORD icon to attack the player directly above you.


1.) When you initiate a fight and win, you get 1 point added to your score. 2.) When you initiate a fight and lose, you lose 1 point. If your score is already at 0, it will stay at 0.

Whenever there is a draw (both players select the same hand gesture), the system will determine who wins the draw with a coin flip. This is where TRAITS come into play.

-- TRAITS --

When both players select the same hand gesture, rather than a draw, the system uses a coin flip to determine the winner. See below to see how to increase your odds of winning the coin flip.

basic, rage, shield, berserk, prick

basic :: 0 extra odds of winning a draw whether attacking or defending.

rage :: +6 extra odds of winning a draw when attacking, but -4 odds of winning a draw when defending.

shield :: -4 odds of winning a draw when attacking, but +6 extra odds of winning a draw when defending.

berserk :: A random -8 to +8 extra odds of winning a draw whether attacking or defending.

prick :: Turns your sword icon pointing downwards, which allows you to attack the player directly below you at a -4 odds of success. Your defense will also be lowered to a -4 odds of success. It would be wise to change to a different trait after attacking the player below you.

NOTE: If you rank as the Number 1. player, you will NOT be able to attack anyone at all IF you are 3 points higher than the Number 2. player.

NOTE: if you rank as the Number 1. player, you gain an extra +6 odds advantage. If you rank as the Number 2. player, your odds go up an extra +4. If you rank higher than the player you are attacking or defending against (and are NOT ranked as Number 1. or Number 2.), you gain an extra +2 odds advantage.

NOTE: When you attack a player, you will be allowed to choose your hand gesture first. But, the defending player will be assigned a random hand gesture by the system, regardless what their hand gesture icon originally showed on the player list.


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Play? Rules?
Janken 戦 Fight
1. TokyoPanda187 47 rage
2. WolfyWolf 39 shield
3. Redninja2000 35 basic
4. PIKKACHUmeeeLOL 28 berserk


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